Hi, I’m Jane Heart.

I want to help you transform & improve your dating experience. How? giving your dating experience a makeover.

In three simple steps,

you will learn how to recognize the perfect guy for you. scroll down and read a brief summary of each lesson

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STEP#1: Define your style.

The first step to having a great dating experience is to define or discover your current personal style. Your dating experience should reflect the fabulous person you are today. Self-awareness will provide you with a path towards the guys who will fit you the best. Everyone has a personal style and it is composed of two parts: your image and identity

STEP#2: Shop your closet.

The next step to having a great dating experience is to reorganise your closet. You may have created an idealized vision of guys in your dating experience for weeks, months or even years and now you have certain guys in your dating experience for no rhyme or reason. Why are you keeping these clothes in your life? Are you creating clutter or shared value? If your dating experience is disorganized then you are afraid to get rid of anything.

Step#3: Update your look.

Romance is like fashion. It's a feeling of excitement and intimacy associated with an affinity to form something special, unique, and full of possibilities. The final step to having a great dating experience are the fashion staples, they are the building blocks.  This is true no matter your current personal style. Most fashion experts will agree they are considered to be beneficial and rewarding because their qualities have universal appeal and usage.

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